Carpet Cleaning Battle: Cleaners Vs Home Remedies

There must be a wide variety of flooring options available in today’s era, but carpets never get out of trend. Carpets add beauty to the aesthetics of a room. Reason people love carpeting is, it adds warmth and softness besides the colour to the room. To maintain natural lustre of carpet requires regular vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning. Despite the regular cleaning, the carpet may spoil due to spillage of juice, wine, ink, blood or grease onto the carpet. These things can be handled using easily available home products which are safer than other toxic cleaning agents or solutions.

Cleaners Vs Home Remedies

What To Choose? Toxic Cleaning Solutions Or Home Remedies For Carpet Cleaning?

There are many carpet cleaning agents available in the market. But they have harmful effects on not only on the carpet but also in the long run frequent cleaning affects the health of pets and babies playing on the carpet. So home remedies are a safe option for regular cleaning and removing tough stains from the carpet.

Following are the reasons you should opt for home remedies then chemical cleaning:


Making homemade solutions for carpet cleaning is no rocket science. They are made with easily available products at anyone’s home like baking soda, vinegar, alcohol, etc. And these are cheaper than the expensive specific carpet cleaning agents, as they include chemicals to give you the best result without bothering about the consequences it may bear.

Does Not Damage Carpet

What can be worse than the ruined carpet by grease or juice or other things? If the carpets are handled or cleaned using harsh cleaners it can worsen the situation. That is why the home remedies are safer than these harsh chemicals as the cleaning is done using natural products.

Readily Available

Home remedies such as using ice for removing gum from the carpets or using alcohol to remove nail paint stain from the carpet are beneficial. These things can be found easily at any premises and you need not run to market to find these things. But specific cleaning agents are difficult to find at home, as well in the market they can be found only at the specific shops.

Easy To Use

Cleaning agents with complex chemical mixture are not easy to use as they come with this specific procedure to be followed to obtain effective results. Whereas it is easier to use natural agents for carpet cleaning as it doesn’t have a complex method of cleaning.

Pets And Kids Friendly Products

Market cleaning agents are not safe for pets as well as for kids and people living on the premises, as it consists of chemical substances into the solution. Inhalation or intake of such substances cause harmful effects on pets and kids. On the other hand, homemade cleaning agents are totally safe as you can opt for the best-suited cleaning agent from your lists of products.

Carpet Cleaning Service (2)
Carpet Cleaning Service (2)

Hire The Best Carpet Cleaning Company

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