Dry Clean Your Carpet Using Easy Steps.

Carpet cleaning can be a lot of work in a single day, it can consume your one precious weekend which can be utilised on making some memorable moments. Moreover, to start with carpet cleaning, you need manpower, heavy machinery and lots of other things. However, steam cleaning and deep cleaning should not be done on a short period, as there are no benefits in doing so. Regular cleaning is enough to maintain the cleanliness, but you can do something extra, carpet dry cleaning is an effective way to treat your carpet with something extra. It’ll do the combo of both carpet cleaning and carpet sanitization.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Here Are Steps Which You Need To Follow In Order To Start The Carpet Cleaning.

The below method will guide you about the carpet dry cleaning process, follow it carefully to make your carpet clean and sanitize.

For Carpet Dry Cleaning, You’ll Need Some Supplies.

  • Baking Soda Powder.
  • Corn Starch Powder.
  • Cornmeal Powder.
  • Dry Bay Leaves.
  • 8 to 10 Cloves Pieces.
  • Borax approx 100 Gram.

You need to collect all these items and make a powdered mixture from it, all the above ingredients have something to do with carpet cleaning. For example baking soda, cornstarch & corn meal flour would make the right consistency of the fine powder, which will absorb any odour or moisture, the bay leaves and cloves will add a nice fragrance on the carpet. Finally, the borax will kill all the bacteria and do the carpet sanitization.

Carpet Sanitization

Carpet Sanitization

Spin All The Ingredients in The Blender.

Put all this material in your blending machine and then turn it into a fine thin powder, the finer the powder the better it’ll sit on the carpet and serve the purpose. You need to sprinkle the powder on the carpet, make sure every surface is covered by the layer of the powder, you can use a sprinkle jar to shower it on the carpet.

Shower The Powder.

When you’re sprinkling the powder make sure that the surface is all get covered with powder. After you’re done let the powder sit overnight, because you’ve added borax, keep children and pets away from the carpet, inhalation of borax can be fatal.

Do The Vacuum Cleaning.

Take out your vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming the carpet, add an upholstery brush attachment to the vacuum cleaner and then thoroughly vacuum clean the carpet. Run the vacuum cleaner twice on the carpet and make sure all the powder has gone.

Carpet Vacuum Cleaning

Carpet Vacuum Cleaning

Call In Professionals.

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