How To Do Curtain Dry Cleaning?

Our curtain gets dirty very often and cleaning it becomes our duty to clean the curtain, a dirty curtain not only look bad but it also spread bacteria. If you do not keep your curtain clean, the risk of mould infestation also increases. Therefore it’s important to do the curtain cleaning and curtain sanitization, the curtain dry cleaning method is one of the best methods to clean and sanitize the curtain. Also, it can be done on any curtain, in this process there is no need for water or any other substance. It can be done by one single person and it’s a very easy process, completes in less time. To do this task you don’t need any heavy machinery, dry cleaning machine is easily available, you can either buy one or you can rent it from any hardware store.

To do the curtain dry cleaning you don’t need to take down your curtain, it is done while curtains are hanging. Moreover, if you’re curtain fabric is delicate, Then Professional Curtain Cleaning in Canberra method is only the most valid option.

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Here Are The Steps For Curtain Dry Cleaning.

Curtain dry cleaning is an easy job, but you should follow the tips and techniques mentioned below. All these methods will help you in cleaning the curtain properly, in this blog, we will try to discuss the curtain dry cleaning process elaborately.

Vacuum The Curtain.

Vacuum the curtain is very important as it removes the existing dust from the curtain, by doing this you’ll make the curtain dry cleaning process easier. So, when you dry clean the curtain, the loose dust will not interfere in the cleaning and make the dry cleaning process smooth.

  1. Take out your vacuum cleaner and connect it to the power supply.
  2. Turn the suction setting at highest and clean the curtain, take the vacuum cleaner pipe towards the upside of curtain and then slowly pull it down. Clean the curtain in a similar way and make sure all the dust has been cleaned.
  3. Vacuum clean the curtain thoroughly repeat this process on the backside of the curtain as well and make it properly clean and dust-free as well.

Remove The Existing Stain From The Curtain.

Stain on the curtain develop bacterias overtime and causes mould infestation, stains make the curtain not only ugly but also unhygienic. Therefore treating the stain is also important before curtain dry cleaning as it will be ignored.

  1. Buy a commercial anti-stain removal product from the store.
  2. Do a spot test before applying it on the stain and use it only if it is safe.
  3. Apply the stain removal solvent on the stain as directed on the product packaging.
  4. Blot the stain and remove it.
  5. Proceed to the next step.

Do The Curtain Dry Cleaning.

Now comes the big part, take out your dry cleaning machine and connect it to the power supply, and get ready to dry clean the curtain.

  1. Add the dry cleaning solvent in the machine compartment.
  2. Switch on the machine and start cleaning the curtain, clean the curtain both sides.
  3. Clean the curtain vertically while hanging from upwards to downwards.
  4. When you’re done unplug the machine and leave the curtain on its own.
  5. Congratulations you have successfully completed the dry cleaning.
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