How To Dry Carpet After Carpet Cleaning?

Carpets need to be cleaned from time-to-time to make them retain their usual shine and colours. However, the drying aspect is also equally important as its cleaning. Drying them out through and through after washing and cleaning them is a must after a Carpet Cleaning Canberra session. The carpets can develop germs, bacteria or even worse, mildew and mould if moisture remains inside for a longer time. Read this blog to get more information on why drying your carpets properly is so important and ways to dry them out faster:

How To Dry Carpet After Carpet Cleaning

Why is drying the carpet after cleaning so important?

Drying the carpet thoroughly after a cleaning session is important, irrespective of whether you cleaned it yourselves or hired Carpet Cleaners Canberra for the job:

  1. If the carpets are not dried properly, they risk the development of mould and mildew inside due to the excess moisture accumulation.
  2. The home starts smelling weird if the carpets are not dried out properly. The extra moisture attracts germs and bacteria which in turn are responsible for the unpleasant odours in the whole place.
  3. Letting your carpet remain in a half-wet condition can compromise its fluffiness and the quality of its fabric. That can dampen the appearance of your carpets.
  4. Wet carpets also attract dirt, dust and filth at a higher pace. Hence, complete and proper drying of the newly-cleaned carpet is a must.

What are the factors that determine proper drying of the carpets?

Mentioned ahead are the key factors that determine the proper drying of the carpet and the time taken for the same:

  1. Weather conditions

If the weather is rainy, naturally there wouldn’t be any natural ventilation for the carpet to dry. But on the other hand, if the weather is sunny and dry that will facilitate faster drying of the fabric. Hence, the weather outside plays an important role in the drying time of your carpet.

  1. Carpet thickness

Carpets that are thick consist of multiple layers that need to be dried as compared to carpets with thin fabrics.

  1. Carpet Material

The material and make of the carpet also decides the drying time of the carpet. Some materials require extra time while some do not require a lot of time. For instance, woollen carpets take a day to dry out, while carpets made of polyester may dry out in half the time. Similarly, natural materials take longer to dry whereas, the artificial ones can dry out faster.

Hire Carpet Cleaning Services Canberra so as to have a perfect cleaning outcome and to preserve your carpets in a good condition in the long run.

How To Dry Carpets After Cleaning Carpets?

Here are some key ways that can be useful in drying out your carpet after its cleaning:

  1. Pedestal fan or ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are effective at drying out your carpet. It is most productive if your carpet is directly beneath the fan. The fan creates an airflow channel. When there is a funnel of air blowing over the carpet, it begins to dry out quickly.

A pedestal or standing fan, in addition to a ceiling fan, can be used. These fans are effective. The fans beneath the carpet create a current that dries the carpet out faster. On the other hand, pedestal fans are not as proficient as ceiling fans as a standalone mode of drying. Standing fans’ current and airflow do not dry carpets as quickly. Hence, placing two of these fans on the opposite edges of the carpet can help in carrying out the drying faster and in a more effective way.

  1. Uncovering the underlay

Uncovering the underlay or the padding of the carpeting is a good option for facilitating faster drying of your carpet. Once, the excess moisture content is removed, the carpet can be easily placed back as is. Using pliers, you must pull the carpet fibres. Pliers have a firm grip, but be gentle when pulling. If you pull too hard, you may pull out the fibres as well. You may hear tearing or crackling as you pull back the fibres. Once the padding is exposed you can get to work. You can use a dehumidifier to dry out the area between the padding and the carpet or can blow air with a standing fan. Place the vacuum hose under the carpet and then the remaining carpet over the hose which also is effective in faster drying of the entire thing.

  1. Air drying or sun drying

The best and most effective way to dry out the carpets in the optimal way when you keep the carpet in the sun or in an area that receives dry and warm air. A hot summer day has warm and dry climate which is conducive in drying the carpet exhaustively. Allow fresh air to enter the room and dry your carpet by leaving the windows open. It also keeps mouldy, soggy odours from building up in the room. Do the same if your room has a door that leads out to the patio or yard. If you have two windows in the same room, open one completely and keep the other partially open or ajar. This generates a powerful crosswind, which allows your carpet to dry much faster. This is the quickest way to dry out the carpet completely if the weather outside is sunny and warm after a Carpet Steam Cleaning Canberra session.

If the task is too difficult for you, don’t be afraid to hire a professional carpet repair Canberra. This is especially true if you have a big carpet or carpeting that covers the house. When a carpet that occupies the entire room becomes wet as a result of a flood or a water leak, the water may scatter to the flooring and walls. This could seriously damage your walls and lead to a serious mould infestation. In such situations, it is best to consult with a professional.