How To Steam Clean A Carpet?

During the busy holiday seasons, many homeowners look out for cleaning the house, carpet steam cleaning is also one of it. It’s the best way to remove dust and stain in order to make the house ready for guests and acquaintances.

While it’s always best to hire professional carpet cleaners, but carpet steam cleaning is ain’t rocket science. All you need is some knowledge which you can apply while carpet steam cleaning. Once you access all the needful items for cleaning, you can actually do steam cleaning fast and effectively.

Steam cleaning is a water-based cleaning method, which is used by professionals for carpet cleaning. It involves some dry chemical compounds, no toxic chemical or cleaning solution is used while carpet steam cleaning.

The steam alone doesn’t clean the carpet, it activates the detergent ingredient and then the machine applies it to the carpet. Moreover, because water is involved in carpet steam cleaning, the carpet takes time to get dry completely.
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Here Are The Steps For Carpet Steam Cleaning.

Vacuum The Carpet Before Carpet Steam Cleaning.

Carpet steam cleaning is done using a steam cleaning machine, which is designed in a way to wash and partially dry the carpet at the same time. In order to make carpet steam cleaning effective, vacuuming should be done thoroughly. As it removes the ground-in dirt from the carpet, moreover vacuuming should be done patiently. Here are the steps for carpet vacuuming.

Collect all the things from the carpet, such as toys, books, furniture or any other items which are kept on the carpet.

  • When you’re done with clearing all the furniture from the carpet, it’s suggested to attach an upholstery brush to the vacuum cleaner.
  • Now, start vacuuming the carpet, and reach every surface of the carpet.
  • Vacuum the carpet twice, once horizontally and again vertically, make sure that you’re moving the vacuum cleaner slowly.
  • When you are done with vacuum cleaning the carpet, get ready for next round.

Treat The Stain Before Carpet Steam Cleaning.

By carpet steam cleaning you can make all the dust, grime and bacterias hiding deep in the fabric disappear. But the stains needed to treat separately because the heat can make even worse and harder to remove. Carpet steam cleaning is the best method to remove various stains such as urine stain, bloodstain, food stain, ink stain, and vomit stain.

Start stain removal process by applying a solution on the stain affected area and blot the stain. Carpet stain removal is a necessary step, which should be done before the carpet steam cleaning. But before using any cleaning solution, detergent or shampoo do a spot test, so that you’re sure that it’s safe on the carpet and would not cause any damage or discolouration on the carpet.

Now Bring The Big Guns

Doesn’t matter you’ve rented or bought the cleaning machine, read the instruction manual carefully. Fill the water tank up to the safe level and add a small quantity of cleaning solution approved Carpet and Rugs Institute.

Turn on the machine and the safety lever and let the water gets hot.
Now operate the steam Cleaning machine properly.
The common type of steam cleaners first lay down the steam and then suck it all when you push back and forth.

Make sure you’re going easy on the carpet, do not push carpet steam cleaning machine, also move the machine slowly. Because by going slow the cleaning would be done properly, also the machine would not suck the water properly. Move steam cleaning machine from one corner to another corner slowly for better results. After cleaning whole carpet if you see any dirts and uncleaned portion, repeat the steam cleaning process again.

When you finish the steam cleaning process let the carpet dry. A wet carpet absorbs more dirt, so let the carpet dry completely before you walk on the carpet. It’s best to open windows or ventilate the room while steam cleaning as the drying process would speed up when there is proper ventilation.

Call Professionals.

The professionals do the carpet steam cleaning with a flow, thus it’s always better to hire professional carpet cleaners. Capital Cleaning Canberra is the best professional carpet cleaners and your best for carpet cleaning. Do not water time while looking for more professional carpet cleaners, call us and make the booking, visit our website for more information.