Myths About Tile and Grout Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

Tile and grouts make as well as ruin the look of your home dramatically. Cleaned and lustrous tiles make your home look appealing, and charming. Whereas unclean and dirty tiles do the exact opposite, they destroy the look of your place. Tile and grout cleaning is not one time process, it has to be done regularly to maintain the look of your home. Your tiles over the time become dull, dirty, gloomy, discoloured and cleaning them your own can be a pain. Heavy foot traffic brings a lot of grime and dirt on your tiles, and mould growth on the areas like the kitchen and bathroom are known for causing the health issues.

However, it’s not impossible to clean tile and grouts your own. Tile and grout cleaning can be done if you have the skills and of course right cleaning solution. But it can be done more effectively when you know what are myths about tile and grout cleaning.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

  • Following are The Common Myths about Tile and Grout Cleaning

  • Mopping is All You Need For Cleaning Tiles

    Your tiles and grout need much more than simple mopping to stay clean. Mopping surely can clean your tiles but it’s not enough for the effective cleaning. Simple mopping cannot remove the grime and dirt embedded inside the grout. Moreover, cleaning the floors with unclean water can further stain and deposit the dirt instead of cleaning it. Plus, poor mopping can also do no good for your tile and grout cleaning. Make sure to use wet vac that removes even a little amount of moisture after mopping.

  • Letting The Grout Soak in Soapy Water for Better Cleaning

    Tiled floors are different from the tiled floors and you need to remember this if you don’t want to damage your tiles. Soaking your tiles and grouts in the soapy water can actually damage them, that too a long-term damage. Whereas cleaning your tiles with dishwashing or household soap tend to clean the grout initially but will make them dirtier over the time. The residue of soap on the grout will attract dirt and grime.

  • Bleach is The Best Cleaning Agent for Your Grouts

    This is one of the biggest myth relating to your tile and grouts that chlorine bleach can remove stubborn stains. While bleach a fantastic cleaning agent that cleans, remove stains, disinfects and whitens the surface of most thing around your home. But it does no good to your tile and grouts. In fact, bleach loosens and weakens and breaks the tile grouts. Bleach destroys the glossy finish of your tiles and even discolour them.

  • Grouts Need Hard Scrubbing for Better Cleaning

    This is half true, applying enough elbow grease you can bring the dirt and grime out of your grouts. But, scrubbing hard using the stiff bristle brush and wear and displace the grout. It also makes scratches on the top of the tiles that ruin the overall look of your tiled area.

  • Tile and Grouts Don’t Need Much Care

    Well, this is the biggest myth that contributes to the deterioration of your tiled surface the most. Like any other surface in the home, your tile and grouts need attention, care and maintenance. But most people overlook these areas that may worsen the situation.

Tile and Grout Repair

Tile and Grout Repair

Why Work Hard When You Have Easier Ways?

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