The Carpet Cleaning and Repairing Process

Carpets are one of the most precious things in your home. They can enhance the look of your interiors effortlessly, while making the entire place elegant and cozy. But when the carpets are dirty, stained, and stink badly, the entire look and elegance of your home goes into vain. Thus, it is important you maintain your carpets cleaned regularly. And besides regular carpet cleaning, they also need a deep cleaning once in a while, that can be done by the professionals efficiently. Here in this blog, we have brought you the ways to thoroughly clean your floor coverings.

Carpet Repair
Carpet Repair

The Procedure Used By Professionals for Sterilizing As Well As for Carpet Repair is Explained in Detail Below:

Step-1. Inspecting your Carpet –

At first, our experts will thoroughly inspect your Carpet which needs to be get cleaned. They will note the basic details of the Carpet according to which a treatment service is prepared for the same such as

  • The Carpet type, size.
  • The fabric of carpet.
  • The lifespan of the carpet
  • Any precautions provide by the carpet manufacturers.

Step-2. Dry brushing-

After inspecting the carpet, our experts will dry brushes the Carpet to remove any fluff and particle contaminants available from the carpet stitching

Step-3. Extracting The Carpet Cleaning and Repairing Method-

After the first two steps, and depends upon the observations recorded in the first step, we either choose Carpet Cleaning and repairing method. Then accordingly our experts will choose the method.

  • Steam carpet cleaning and repairing method
  • Dry cleaning method.

Step-4. Carpet Cleaning and Repairing-

We vacuumed your Carpet with a specialized HEPA filtered vacuum and then treat any spots, spillages and the infected areas on the Carpet. Then we pre-condition your Carpet by applying the gentle or ph. neutral cleaning and repairing agent. For light agitation, we use a special scrub to agitate the Carpet. Then through our Steam extraction specialized machines which provide the extremely high temperatures to clean or sanitize your Carpet. Further, during this process, we also run an anti-bacterial treatment cleaning and repairing agent to provide the complete and ensured clean Carpet.

Step-5. Carpet Anti-Allergen Treatment-

We further apply the anti-allergen and deodorizing treatment to your Carpet.

Step-6. Carpet Drying and Sanitation–

After your Carpet got cleaned, we will dry the Carpet with the latest technologies used. Carpet sensitization process is done to remove all the foul smells from your Carpet.

Step-7. Towel Drying and Fabric Protection Process-

At this step, we use the fresh towels to wipe down the Carpets which also assist the drying process further in an optional process of fabric protection we protect the fabric of the Carpet so that it can remain clean for a long period of time.

Step-8. Carpet Inspection –

The final step of cleaning and repairing process also concludes with the inspection of your Carpet, where our experts will again check the Carpet to comply with all company standards for providing you the 100% satisfaction.

Best Carpet Repair Services
Best Carpet Repair Services

Most Asked Services for Carpet Repair By The Home and Business-Owners.

We also offer the Carpet Repair Service also which includes the services like:

  • Flood damage
  • Carpet snag
  • Bleach stains
  • Carpet ripple
  • Carpet bulge
  • Carpet threshold additions between rooms
  • Carpet matching
  • Berber Carpet repairs
  • Melted carpet
  • Carpets detached from tack strips
  • Missing tack strips and rotted tack strips
  • Exposed seams
  • Power Stretching
  • Wool Carpet repairs
Expert Carpet Cleaning
Expert Carpet Cleaning

Professional Services

Now sleep freely in a sanitized and dust free environment. We at Capital Cleaning Canberra will bring you the best competitive rates for our services in the market which are very affordable and economical for all. Our prices range for different types and according to the carpet repair services. We also owns a brilliant team of certified professionals which are certified by the Institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification.

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