Why Mattress Cleaning is So Much Important For Your Health and Home

The mattress is one of the most important areas that affects our household air quality and cleanliness. This means that no matter how often we clean all the other areas, we need to clean the mattress more often. 

Evidently, human beings sweat a lot during the night as this is the time when more metabolism and body activities occur which includes shedding of skin. This makes the mattress prone to bacteria, fungus and dust which are fed on humans shed skin. 

According to statistics a mattress can home up to 3 million dust mites and hence can become the dirtiest thing in a humans entire homestead without regular cleaning and that’s it’s a very crucial spot.

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Your Mattress and Air Quality

The mattress cleanliness should be taken into consideration as much as the air in the household. There are a variety of causes of household air pollution which include dust, paint, smoke, glue along with others. 

The home’s air quality can also be derailed by other natural and biological contaminants such as cockroaches, mites, bacteria , viruses and many more. As stated above one spends close to over eight hours in full contact with the mattress and thinking about mites and how much sweat and oil humans produce at night it becomes a mandatory gesture to clean up the mattress thoroughly in order to avoid contaminations and diseases

What does Mattress Cleaning Involve?

Mattress cleaning thoroughly takes some time but it’s the best way to ensure the health and cleanliness and hygiene standards are kept high. The mattress can be cleaned mainly in two ways the traditional method or the clean air solutions method. The traditional mode involves vacuuming, deodorizing, cleaning, stain removal and mattress odour removal, Mattress Sanitization Services and mattress deep cleaning while the latter involves using air solutions that are chemical free to remove all the molds in the mattress with mattress cleaning services.

We spent a very long time in our beds but people however don’t realize that  they shed skin which if not removed may double up the mattress weight in due time. And thus it is understandable that there is a link between old beds and other diseases such as asthma. The mattress has to be cleaned regularly so as to make sure that the sleeping environment is perfect and conducive for good health.

Some Mattress Cleaning Process

Mattress cleaning involves some major process. First the mattress has to be vacuumed in the best way possible then use an anti-allergen or a deodorizer but beware of possible chemicals that may cause an allergy. Hence the deodorizer used should be checked on the ingredients in order to avoid bad allergy effects. Professional mattress cleaning does not necessarily remove all the dust, mold, mites or bacteria but it’s the most recommended way of maintenance where Professional cleaning is done in between to clean all the undesired contaminants.

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How Often Should you Clean your Mattress

Evidently most people do not give it a big concern on cleaning up the mattress and never care to think about what lives inside the mattress. After washing the sheets, people tend to turn a blind eye on whatever else remains on the bed and that’s where humans go wrong. 

Bed sheets should be washed at least once a week in order to reduce the sweat and oils produced at night while the pillows should be cleaned at least twice a year and lastly the mattress should also be cleaned twice a year or once in every season.

This will definitely improve the hygiene levels.

Get Help From The Professional Mattress Cleaners

For Home Owners it is impossible to have the best set of cleaning equipment required to clean your mattress. 

That is why it is suggested to take help from experienced professionals who are highly trained to handle Professional Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne

We at Capital Cleaning Canberra offer services ranging from deep cleaning the mattress to the removal of different types of strains that are very microscopic in nature. Our well-trained professionals give you a hassle-free experience of getting the mattress cleaned up.