Why Professional Cleaners are The Solution to Your Pet Odour Problems

No doubt pets are the best companions who provide unconditional love. If you are a pet owner you will feel more secure, less anxious, and even happier than other people. Unlike every other thing this also has some downsides, they shed their coat very constantly plus urinating on your branded carpets and furniture is another major issue. You will be shocked to know that their urine odour can lead you to various health-related problems. If you want carpet pet odour solutions refer to the following facts.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

Primary Health Issues

Pets’ hair, urine, and fecal matter are very hard to take off from the carpets. You have to hustle for it. Make sure to do time-to-time cleaning of your carpet otherwise bacteria that grow in their urine can directly affect your health. Their bacteria can cause inflammation, sinusitis, and dozens of other health-related problems.

Pet’s urine stains usually smell like ammonia, and it is well-known that ammonia is very harmful to the lungs. If you keep on delaying a deep cleaning for your carpet, it can even cause your asthma. You can’t deal with this alone, you need a professional to help you in this process. If you try to vacuum it all by yourself, you will end up disturbing these dangerous particles. For carpet pet odour solutions consider consulting professional help. Otherwise, it can cause you many health issues including.


If an allergy is triggered by your pet, then there are very high chances of the bacterias they spread getting transmitted to you through their hairs, saliva, and urine. When your pet is resting on the carpet it will shed its fur, if you touch or breathe those it will lead you to allergic symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, itchy skin, sore throat, etc. Only a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Canberra can help you with the most effective carpet pet odour solution.


Suppose your dog has an intestinal worm and he had an accident on your carpet then those worms can be passed to you by its fecal matter. You can’t clean that mess on your own, you require a professional carpet cleaner for it otherwise you will put your own health in danger. No matter how hard you try to clean the carpet, some microscopic particles of their feces will remain. That will result in the egg formation of many roundworms and other harmful parasites.

Use Truck-mounted Steam Extraction System

Truck-mounted steam extraction is a giant cleaning system that can clean everything related to pet vomit to their urine. It has 31HP power which can absorb every single drop of their urine from your carpet. It will do a deep steam cleaning of your carpet without harming it. If you are looking to invest in such a cleaning system, go for a truck-mounted steam extraction system.

Other Expense 

Despite the health problems, the urine of your pet can also cause you financial expenses. Imagine your pet urinating on the carpet, no matter how well they are trained they will pee on your carpet sooner or later. Their urine can make its way to your subflooring through the carpet which will result in severe damage to the floor. If you want to avoid this risk, make sure you do a proper professional carpet cleaning every once or twice a year.

Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Only professional help can free your carpet from all the grassy microorganisms which have been deposited into it. They have modern tools and equipment which helps them provide an ideal service. Additionally, They have high-tech equipment which absorbs all the pet hairs, feces, and urine in one go. Not only this they have high-powered drying equipment which helps them remove moisture. It will clean your carpet completely without any moulds or other damage and provide the best carpet pet odour solution.

If you are looking for an ideal carpet cleaning service, reach out to Capital Cleaning Canberra your one-stop carpet pet odour solution. We hold good years of experience in the carpet cleaning market. Our carpet cleaners know how to access high-technology, modern tools to solve your problem in an efficient and safe way. Additionally, our rates are extremely affordable for everyone. We are just one call away. Also, we use eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable solutions for cleaning. Ping us up and we will reach out at your doorstep to solve your problem.